You can't trust us but you can trust your perception.

Perceive it! Believe it?


Thank you for trusting us by completing the questionnaire.

You are absolutely right that we showed you the same video. But for a moment you thought there were differences, right? Not because you saw them, but because we told you so.
We have made the experience and presented ourselves as experts on the matter of perception. Therefore it was understandable that you trusted us, even though trusting us meant not to trust your own perception.

We did not do this just to trick you of course! With this website we raise awareness on the trustworthiness of your perception and on the influence of others on your perception. Your view on the normal world is determined by your perception, but this can be manipulated. Be aware of what you perceive and who you believe.

Thank you again for trusting us!
Melle, Marthe and Vitor

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