You can't trust your perception but you can trust us.

Do you sometimes question your perception? You should! Luckily there is one thing you can know for sure: you can trust us.

Melle Lefferts

After completing a bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design, Melle is running a successful website company in which he applies persuasion techniques. In his master Media Technology he focuses on researching online human behaviour.

Marthe Visser

During her bachelor in Artificial Intelligence, Marthe focussed on the translation of human perception into robotics. During her time at the Media Technology course, she tries to answer the question of what goes on inside the human mind.

Vitor Jacob Rodrigues de Senna

Vitor did a bachelor in Science and Technology, where he learned to connect human psychology with technology by analysing cognition. During his time at Media Technology, he is interested in human perception of the virtual world.

We have made two videos for you to watch. Perceive it! Believe it?